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tile and grout cleaning by the professionals at harbold quality services

In cleaning there is no substitute for a thorough job that is carefully inspected before the job is considered complete. Harbold Quality Services has developed a systematic approach to all of our cleaning processes to make sure that our customers receive the most complete job possible. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart.

Ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles are a very hard, durable and attractive floor and wall covering. However, even the best maintained surfaces become too dirty for effective cleaning by routine methods or a do-it-yourselfer.

Every few years these hard surfaces require a thorough cleaning. Cleaning grout and tile is a specialty of Harbold Quality Services and our system and methods to clean your floors and walls is unsurpassed. While other cleaning companies use some of the same equipment as Harbold Quality Services no other tile cleaning company provides the attention to detail as Harbold Quality Services. Here is what we do to assure you the cleanest tile and grout possible and your satisfaction.


  • Visual inspection of the area to be cleaned and all the surrounding areas
  • We take all the steps necessary to protect the surfaces of your home from our cleaning process
    • Tape floors between doors and walkway
    • Cover wood and carpet
    • Cover cabinets and appliances
    • Remove large items from areas of work
  • Spray all tile and grout with special grout/tile cleaning solution.
  • Machine scrub using our rotor machine brush.
  • HAND BRUSH grout lines to insure removal of direct. (No other company invests the time in this step)
  • HAND BRUSH tile edges
  • Rinse tile and grout with hot water vacuum recovery system
  • Wet mop floors TWO TIMES
  • Hand apply high quality grout sealer to reduce dirt penetrating grout


The cleaning of your shower and bath tile requires some special techniques that differ from cleaning your floors. The steps are similar to the description of the tile and grout cleaning but in addition we offer the option to remove and replace badly stained grout



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